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Thursday, September 8, 2011


From September to January this is what our life is about :) I am not a sports fan AT ALL but we have season tickets with Jon's parents and I go because Jon loves it. I do have to admit that it is slowly growing on me. I've always loved the Clemson campus and spent most of my weekends there while Jon and my 2 best friends went to college there. It's a beautiful place to spend a Saturday (when it's not painfully hot) and I do enjoy tailgating. We've been in the same spot for a couple of years now and we look forward to seeing our tailgating buddies and neighbors. Nora made it to one game last year and will hopefully make it to a few this year! It is definitely becoming a family tradition and it's one that I am looking forward to embracing :)

These pictures just make me smile. I love the simple little life that we have right now. I love that it is going to be getting quite crazy and hectic very soon as well. We enjoy just hanging out with each other and we love watching Nora learn and play. I am really trying to be intentional about soaking up every minute with this cutie but it is hard. We get so busy so it's nice to just sit in the hall way and play the guitar sometimes :) I am so thankful for Jon and the awesome husband, father, and provider that he is to Nora and I. Sorry this post is all mushy but I'm just feeling very thankful and blessed today and wanted to share!!

This child is very musical so maybe one day I'll have a picture of her actually playing the guitar :)

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  1. Oh, Katy, I just love the pics and the bird's eye view of life for you guys! So envy the family traditions you are embracing, but my you are BRAVE to take a baby to a Clemson game! YIKES! You are NO fraidy cat!

  2. It is great to hear from you! We do live in Greer! We should have a playdate sometime!